Organic in Bellingham: Local Highlight

This is the first of hopefully a few local highlight posts, where I’ll feature information on events, stores, or companies in Bellingham or Seattle.

Yesterday I visited Terra Organica in downtown Bellingham. This place was similar to the Co-Op, but their claim is to have discounted organic food and personal care products. Its hard to tell if this is true or not, since its still reasonably expensive in my eyes. And being a college student, I am constantly looking for how to go organic and chemical free in the most cost effective ways.

Walking into Terra Organica it felt like a mix of the co-op, Trader Joe’s and an aromatherapy store. They have a good number of organic brands of food, cleaning supplies, cosmetics, vitamins, and toiletries. One problem I noticed, which seems to be common, is that they still carried the not-so-organic products of some companies that do have organic products. They had Alba sunscreen, and Alba organics can sometimes be trusted, but when I checked the ingredients, it was clearly not organic. This is a reminder that just because you find it in a store that claims to carry organics, do your research and check ingredients.

One thing I will say for Terra Organica is they carry Honeybee Gardens makeup, which is a brand I use and have been pleased with so far. They also carry another brand of mineral makeup called Natural Look mineral Make-up by Herbs of Grace Inc. I have not tried their products, but I may buy some samples online. The makeup they sell is average for mineral makeups, with loose power eye shadows around $7.00/color and $10 mascaras. If I remember correctly, the foundation and concealers ran a little pricier.

Terra Organica also has a wide variety of spices and herbs. Aside from the main store, there is a small herbal shop right inside the main entrance, which has a huge selection of essential oils, spices, and loose teas.

I know that I have mentioned a bit about mineral makeup, cosmetic brands, chemicals in cosmetics, and greenwashing, and those are topics my next couple posts will cover in more detail.

Visit Terra Organica Online
Natural Look Mineral Makeup
Honeybee Gardens


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