I’ve been held up…

Hello everyone who maybe reads this? Things have slowed down later due to a couple things. I’m working on the second part of my alternative energy exploration, but its going a little slower than expected. First off, I got sick yesterday morning, so I’ve been spending most of my time sleeping.

Then, Friday evening when I arrived at my boyfriend’s apartment, I found a tiny little nestling on the pavement next to my car. He was about a day or two old, an inch or two long and completely feather-less. He wasn’t injured and was flailing his little limbs around on the pavement. I’m a big animal person, so of course I couldn’t just leave the poor thing there. I was up till 5:30 am keeping him warm and checking on him to make sure he made it through the night. I got a few hours of sleep and then drove up to the NW Wildlife Rehabilitation Center about 12 miles Northeast of Bellingham to give him to the properly trained animal rescue people. According to them, he looked in great shape and were surprised he made it through the night and was so lively. He chirped all the way up to the rehabilitation center and I’m going to call tomorrow to make sure he actually made it. They thought that at that age, even if I got him up there, he most likely wouldn’t make it. But anyway, that was my adventure Friday night and Saturday morning. I got home at about 11:30 am and went back to bed. After a couple hours, I started feeling sick. So I’m trying to get things still up on here, but I’m pretty drained right now. I’ll see what I can do.

In other news though – the International Contemporary Furniture Fair is happening right now in New York City, and according to Inhabitat.com, there are several eco-friendly oriented designers and products being featured.

Check out ICFF’s website: http://www.icff.com/

Or Inhabitat’s coverage of the fair: http://inhabitat.com/inhabitat-reports-from-icff-2011/

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