Homemade Shimmer Body Spray

For a little extra sparkle, you can create your own shimmery body mist with just a few ingredients.

In a spray bottle, add the following ingredients:

  • Water
  • Almond oil (or any light oil)
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Witch hazel
  • Micas of your choice (I’ve done silver and gold so far)

You can also add essential oils or aloe Vera gel to your mist.

I recommend messing around with the ratios to find what you like best. However, I do have a few tips –

Only use about 1-2 tsp glycerin (for a 4 oz bottle), adding too much of the glycerin makes it bead up on the skin, rather than being a fine and light mist. Combine the liquid ingredients and test on your arm to ensure the consistency is right, then add the mica.

You need to shake the product a lot, because you’re suspending the micas in a liquid support structure, and combining oil and water.

Depending on your skin tone, you can try different colors and types of micas. The particle size of the mica can change how it looks; smaller sized micas with more shimmer create a frostier look, whereas larger glitter particle sizes will create stronger and more prominent sparkles.

When I made my silver body spray I used a combination of silver glitter (bigger particles) and ultra-fine silver mica (smaller particles). This creates an overall undertone of shimmer with some prominent sparkles mixed in there.

Sometimes the spray bottle nozzle can clog, so I recommend having a couple spare spray tops on hand to switch if need be. You can also try different types of spray tops, or ones from different manufacturers, to find one that works best.

Where can you get supplies?

There are many online shops to get supplies at, but here are some suggestions of places I’ve found.

Micas and glitter:

Glycerin and witch hazel (and other DIY ingredients):

You can also look on Amazon for supplies, or check for any local soap making stores in your area. If you live in Seattle, Zenith Supplies on Roosevelt carries all this stuff too.

Good luck and happy DIYing!

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