My Sister’s Favorite Non-Toxic Products

This is a list of my sister’s favorite products, which she gave me to share with all of you! She focuses on using whole ingredients as much as possible, since these offer more versatility than a product created for one specific use.

Jojoba oil

Desert Essence Jojoba Oil

It’s great as a face or body moisturizer, although it can be a little more expensive than other oils. Jojoba is actually a plant wax that is a liquid at room temperature and it’s the closest plant-based “oil” to our own sebum. It can be combined with Red Raspberry Seed oil or any essential oil.

Suggestions from my sister: “I use jojoba oil and Red Raspberry seed oil mix in the morning on my face. And mix castor oil with jojoba oil and rosemary essential oil for my scalp at night.”

Plus, a suggestion on where to buy Red Raspberry seed oil: Berry Beautiful

Olive oil for oil cleanse

If you don’t know anything about oil cleansing, Wellness Mama has a great blog article about it, and actually published a piece too.

Suggestions from my sister: “I rub olive oil over my face and neck, then use really hot water on a washcloth, and press it on my face – it’s awesome.”

Please note that what type of oil works best depends on your skin type; some find olive oil too heavy, but other people feel it works great for their skin!

Andalou Naturals Apricot Probiotic Cleansing Milk for Dry Sensitive Skin

A creamy, not bubbly, cleansing milk feels amazing on my dry skin.

Andalou Naturals Body Butter Nourishing Kukui Cocoa

Great smell and absorbs well.

Desert Essence Conditioner Fragrance Free

Desert Essence Facial Scrub Gentle Stimulating

Gentle, but exfoliating.

Lavera Trend Sensitive Soft Eyeliner

My sister uses the brown one and I use the black. The brown also works well as an eyebrow pencil if you have light auburn eyebrows like me.

Kiss My Face Bar Soap Pure Olive Oil Fragrance Free


Giovanni Sugar Scrub Hot Chocolate

This is also one of my favorite sugar scrubs. It goes on well and it doesn’t leave your skin too oily or tacky (and doesn’t leave the shower floor slippery). And, despite being Giovanni, it’s surprisingly simple and non-toxic!

I hope these suggestions were helpful and I apologize for the lapse in writing!  Thanks everyone!