Disclaimer & Terms of Use

These things are never fun to read, or write, and I’m sure most of you will merely glance at this section, but it is an important little legal necessity. So, I will highlight the really important stuff I need you to know. Bear with me here as I cover all my bases!

Terms of Use:

This blog contains my own experiences and opinions – I am writing to simply share my passion and my research with others. You are responsible for your actions in terms of purchasing products or services or using any DIY recipes that I post.

Hold Harmless:

I’m not a doctor and I don’t claim to give any medical recommendations. I only know from my own experiences of switching away from toxic chemicals that I saw improvements in my own medical conditions. I try my damnedest to be accurate and current, but research uncovers new information, or I may make a mistake. I appreciate and welcome feedback on anything I write that you believe to be incorrect, I just ask that you be respectful about it.


I strongly believe all of factual information presented is free to anyone to use or rewrite in their own voice. However, the organization, creative form, and writing used to convey this information is my legal property. Please do not copy my exact writing or methods of presentation without my written consent and proper reference. The guides or downloadable documents on this site are at this time free for personal use only. Please do not distribute these items or use them for any purpose besides personal use without my express written consent.


Bottom line is that I respect the privacy of my readers. So, here’s the deal – any private message or email sent to me will be confidential unless I am given permission to share that information to the public. Additionally, unless I am given further permission from the writer, their identity will remain anonymous. This is especially important in regard to any personal or sensitive questions. Any comments left on posts will be public and I may discuss questions or statements made in those comments on other posts that I write. If any user writes about a specific and personal experience or story, I will check with the reader to ensure they are comfortable with me re-sharing their story in an actual blog post.

Products and Company Support:

I am not receiving any financial or other form of compensation for product or brand recommendations. If I endorse a product, service, or brand, it is because I personally believe in it and my individual experience is positive. Your experience may vary. I am not responsible for any negative experiences in purchasing products I suggest or using recipes I like. However, if you have an awful experience making something or buying something I suggest on this site, please share it with me! I am always interested in other people’s experiences and opinions.

Reserve Rights:

As the owner of this blog, I reserve the right to change topics, expand the subject matter addressed, and remove or update content. Additionally, all downloadable documents are currently free. My Toxic-Free Quick Guide and my Transition Guide will always remain free. However, I reserve the right to create some paid content in the future.