Story of Stuff Project

I highly recommend everyone check out the Story of Stuff Project, founded by Annie Leonard in 2007 after her video titled “Story of Stuff” went viral. She also has a book by the same title that was published in 2011.

The project’s mission is addressing a major problem we have today: too much stuff. Our culture of hyper-consumerism is counter-productive to our happiness, and it’s polluting our environment and our bodies.

On their website, you can find resources and tools for getting involved and being a change maker. Their videos, which total about 14 at this point, dig into a number of important problems and challenges we face, including bottled water, corporate influence in our society, and toxic chemicals in our consumer products.

Annie Leonard is the narrator for most of the videos, and she has a great style of engaging with the audience. She makes points clear, concise, and interesting. In addition, she focuses on what can be done. The cornerstone of this project is about developing communities, and bringing people together to find solutions and take action on these issues. Considering how easy it is to lose hope given the state of the world, I think this perspective of optimism and civic action is essential!

You can watch all of the project’s videos here: