More Than Simply A Lifestyle Blog

Welcome to This, Not That, a lifestyle blog for reducing your exposure to toxic chemicals. Well, it’s not just a lifestyle blog actually! I don’t want to simply provide you, my readers, with disjointed information about buying safer products; I want to provide insight into the deeper importance of reducing your toxic chemical use. Why do we choose to purchase safer products? Why is it important to support socially responsible and environmentally conscious companies? I’m not sick, so why is it still important to avoid certain chemicals? These are the types of questions I want you to think about and be able to answer as you read my posts.

In pursuit of that, I have outlined three key concepts that I believe are essential to understand in pursuing a greener and less toxic lifestyle:

  1. There is a connection between your health and your ecosystem’s health.
  2. There is a connection between consumer products and the fossil fuel industry.
  3. Many chemicals are toxic because they are made from coal and crude oil, two substances that are inherently toxic to us and our environment.

As I write this blog, I’ll continue to develop and examine these concepts, focusing on different aspects depending upon the topic of the post.

To get started, I want to introduce you to my Toxic-Free Quick Guide and my Toxic-Free Transition Guide. These two guides lay the groundwork for the topics and issues I will cover in blog posts and they provide some basic information about reducing toxic chemicals in your life.

The Toxic-Free Quick Guide is a primer for understanding how to choose safer products and what chemicals to avoid. I include some of the most common ingredients to avoid, what products they are commonly used in, and the health concerns associated with each. There are tips for shopping, additional resources to learn more, and a short list of alternative personal care and cosmetics companies. I briefly discuss the option of DIY, issues of greenwashing, and certification systems to help you choose verified companies.

The Toxic-Free Transition Guide is a template/guide to help you move into a toxic-free or low-toxic lifestyle. The goal of this document is to help you assess your behavior and purchasing habits to make informed decisions about how to best proceed. I recommend following this guide roughly to phase out products gradually to reduce waste, minimize initial costs, and allow your body to adjust.

I hope you find my information helpful and I’m excited to share my research, knowledge, and passion with all of you!