Cookware and Cosmetics: Try These on for Size

Hello, I know it’s been a few days since I’ve updated much. I’m working on a longer segment looking at alternative energy sources and some of the problems with current resources we’re using.

In the meantime, I’m giving a quick update on what I’ve been doing this past week.

New cookware!

First off, I just bought a new non-stick pan, which I’m extremely excited about when I found it on sale for about $13.00. Its a water-based non-stick that doesn’t contain PFOA and is made by a company called Ecolution.

A little background here…... Teflon, which is the traditional non-stick coating, contains a chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA or C8) that is extremely toxic to humans and environmentally persistent. Environmental persistence refers to the chemical’s durability and resistance to chemical breakdown. PFOA has been proven to cause birth defects, developmental problems, hormone disruption, and high cholesterol. It has also been linked to increasing the chances of developing cancer. PFOA is one of many related chemicals called perfluorinated compounds, or PFCs. These various chemicals are found in clothing, upholstery, and even in the lining of microwaveable popcorn bags.

So, Ecolution: this company has developed a line of non-stick cookware using Hydrolon, which is a water-based non-toxic formula. You can find these on Amazon, and they’re mid-range as far as price is concerned. I found the one I bought at my local grocery store – it was a rare find and I grabbed the last one! It was originally $25 for an 11 inch pan. Their products got pretty good reviews on Amazon, and from doing an internet search the company doesn’t appear to be greenwashing. Another, more expensive option in the line of eco-friendly cookware is GreenPan. These can be found on Amazon also, but they are crazy expensive. I’ve been using my Ecolution pan for a few days now I love it. It’s easy to clean, it feels sturdy and it doesn’t require as much heat as the stainless steel pans I’ve been using since I ditched my Teflon pans. Like other non-stick pans, you cannot use metal utensils as it will scratch the coating and decrease the life-span of your pan. Use only plastic or wooden spatulas and turners on these pans!


I bought some makeup from a company called Maia’s Mineral Galaxy and here’s the scoop on them:

This is the bag that Maia's Minerals came in within the shipping envelope. I thought it was a cute touch.

Loose mineral eye shadows: Their chemical-free mineral makeup eye shadows are intense in color and they go on very well. They are a little pricey, at $10.00 for 3 gram jars. The Honeybee Garden eye shadows seem of higher quality and contain the same ingredients. Their jars are only 2 grams for $7.00 (or $4.99 through, so they may be semi-comparable in price per gram. A 2 gram jar is really plenty of powder to last a while though, and the advantage is that Honeybee Gardens’ products can be purchased for cheaper on

Eyeliner: I bought, for about $10.50, a deep jade green mineral eye pencil and it was awful. The color was more of a light brown and didn’t transfer to my skin at all. I tried wetting the pencil tip, but that barely helped with application. I ended up crushing the pencil filling and mixing it with another color and got a heavy bronzy-purple eye shadow of a thick consistency. All-in-all, I would go for Honeybee Gardens again – when their pencil tips are wetted, they’re easy to apply and the color shows up. I have a green and a purple eye pencil from them. Their pencils are $7.99 on their website, and a few dollars cheaper through Vitacost.

Lipstick: I bought a sample lipstick that I was hoping would be a bright ruby red. It turned out to be more of a burnt sienna brown color. Too bad for that. The Honeybee Gardens lipstick I have right now is a great color, but it fades after about two minutes of wear.

I bought chemical-free black nail polish from Zoya and I love it!

And a quick plug for them – for the next 2 days, in honor of earth day, they are doing a nail polish exchange! Check it out here to see the details:

Anyway – the bottle cost $8.00 and is excellent. It doesn’t contain toluene, formaldehyde, DPB (phthalates) or camphor. These are all toxic chemicals found in conventional polishes. I put a coat on my toe nails about two weeks ago and it’s barely flaked off. It looks great and its staying on very well. Zoya has a huge selection of colors and includes sparkly polishes and matte-finishes. I highly recommend looking into this, since it’s an easy and cost-competitive method of decreasing your toxic chemical exposure – especially if you are like me and wear nail polish all the time!

This is getting long, so I will be coming back to talk about some of the mineral eye shadows I’ve been experimenting making this week in my next post, which will hopefully be later tonight.

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